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Joining the Property Entrepreneur training

Joining the Property Entrepreneur training was not a hard decision for me.  
When I entered the property business, I knew that investing in my education was necessary.  But choosing the right programmes to invest in is another story.
It was a good thing that I learned about Property Entrepreneur and did not hesitate to join it. We just started our programme last weekend and it has been fantastic!  It has allowed me to connect and learn from 150 entrepreneurs from the UK and different parts of the world.  I saw some old faces from the other programmes and meetings I have attended and it has made me realise that learning really never stops.
Although we are still at the early stage of our programme, it is already reminding me of the importance of learning and taking action. The training is strengthening the foundation of our knowledge in helping us determine the course of action we should take in order to succeed. 
As we always say in Property Entrepreneur, “Success and failure are both very predictable.” Therefore, you have the power to choose which path you will follow, and you can take the necessary action to avoid failure or further your success.
Huge thanks to the Property Entrepreneur for the excellent programme! I’m excited to learn more as our journey unfolds over the next 12 months.
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