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Massive Action * Right Stuff * Consistency = Result

Massive Action * Right Stuff * Consistency = Result

What are your thoughts on this formula for success from Andy Glynn?

I was privileged to spend last weekend with the best property mentor in the UK  at Crowne Plaza Birmingham and virtually from Spain Andy Gwynn, plus nearly 40 other property investors both virtually and physically, to educate myself on how to help people with property problems and help investors get a better return on their money. Obviously, this was an authorized meeting by the local authority, and government guidance’s on public gatherings to stop the spread of COVID-19 were observed. I must admit it was difficult to recognize fellow Master minders until they remove their masks ^_^

Kougni Property Solutions exists to:
★ Help people who need to sell their property quickly
★ Help investors get a better return on their money
★ Provide guaranteed rents to landlords for a fixed period

If you know anyone who we might be able to help, do not hesitate to reach out. The team in our Edinburgh and Manchester offices will be more than happy to assist.
P: +44 131 261 7660 (Edinburgh)
P: +44 161 222 8366 (Manchester)

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