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Save Money. Invest Money.

Due to lockdown, many have been able to save more money than they usually do which is great.

The challenge comes when the amount of money injected into the system to support people and businesses is 10x the amount that we can collectively save at a time.

The question is: Is your interest rate better than inflation?

By far the best investment is in yourself, followed by investing in something that you understand.

We currently have a high response rate from landlords in Edinburgh.
Private investors can now invest and learn in the process with Kougni Property Solutions.

Who do you you know is interested to get a better return on their money?

Feel free to message me.

Stephane Tchamdjou Yossa

Property investor & Managing Director

P: +44 131 261 7660 (Edinburgh)

P: +44 161 222 8366 (Manchester)




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