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Your network is your net worth

The last 12 months have been amazing for me as an individual and for the business, and the other secret outside taking consistent actions in the right direction is networking. I have been networking not only in the Property investing circle but also outside with half-marathon runners, BNI, family, childhood friends, colleagues … 

When is your next networking event outside your area of expertise?

Next week at the Edinburgh Property Investor Network meeting (PIN), we have two fantastic expert speakers, and plus you have the choice of joining online, or on-site at Novotel Hotel for local people: 

👉 How to flip properties profitably to grow your business by @Linda Martin

👉 Ten mindset rules of property millionaires! with @Toby Marsden

Come and meet the local investors, network and find out how to take your next step in your property investment journey or meet people you can help.

The next Edinburgh pin meeting will be on Thursday 21st October- book now to stay up to date with the latest property investing information!

If you are coming to the Edinburgh PIN meeting for the first time, be my guest for free (worth £20) and use [stephane] as a voucher on the registration page.

Link in the comment section.

Edinburgh pin team (Linda Martin) is looking forward to seeing you there!

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